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I am a contributing writer for the DC Area Mom’s Blog and developed and wrote a blog for psychcentral called Maternity Matters.  You can also find my writing on various other blogs and websites including Mindful Return and Scary Mommy. Please see below for links to my posts and articles.

A Child Grows: It’s Not Just Depression: Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders

“But I don’t feel depressed.” I hear this time and time again from pregnant and postpartum women who call my clinical practice. These women are plagued by anxiety, racing thoughts, restlessness, sleep difficulties, compulsive behaviors, and other troubling symptoms, and yet they do not reach out for help. Why? Because they don’t feel depressed. They’ve read the pamphlets in their doctor’s offices; they’ve seen the media coverage; they believe they are informed about postpartum depression. And they know they don’t have it! So they suffer, often reluctant to seek support, feeling isolated in their experience.

Emma Basch