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I am a contributing writer for the DC Area Mom’s Blog and developed and wrote a blog for psychcentral called Maternity Matters.  You can also find my writing on various other blogs and websites including Mindful Return and Scary Mommy. Please see below for links to my posts and articles.

Interviewed for World Of Psychology: Are You a Mom Who Holds These Stress-Boosting, Joy-Squashing Beliefs?

Moms hold a variety of beliefs that stress us out and squash our joy. Beliefs about who we should be and how we should feel. Beliefs about how we should work and parent and practice self-care. Beliefs about what we should get done. Beliefs about what we must expect from ourselves.

Many of Emma Basch’s clients feel massive pressure to “lean in” in all areas of their lives. And if they don’t move up at work, be fully involved in their child’s school, manage their household and have an active social life, they feel a profound sense of failure.

Emma Basch