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I am a contributing writer for the DC Area Mom’s Blog and developed and wrote a blog for psychcentral called Maternity Matters.  You can also find my writing on various other blogs and websites including Mindful Return and Scary Mommy. Please see below for links to my posts and articles.

Mindful Return: How to Embrace Your Commute: Finding Your Zen on the Way to Work

You rarely hear people say, “I love my drive to the office.” For most of us, our commute to and from work is littered with stressors. Navigating the daycare drop off, negotiating crowded trains, anxiety over getting stuck in traffic. Framed through this lens, there is nothing to love about this daily trek.

And yet, therein lies the perfect opportunity to find a moment of peace. If you can change the way you utilize and view your commute, you have an incredible opportunity to find some personal time, to reconnect with yourself, and to ease the emotionally difficult transition from home to work, and from work to home again. These 5 strategies will help you embrace your commute and find your Zen.

Emma Basch